Kings of Darkness – The Setian Pharaohs by Xepera maSet (free pdf)

In the modern day the importance of Set to the Egyptians is largely unknown if not outright ignored and suppressed. The author’s previous book, “Behold: The Prince of Darkness”, looked into the history of Set to an extent, but it was not the sole focus of the text. Here the author covers the great kings […]

The Fields of Life by Onyx and Xepera maSet

“The concept of Life-Fields was certainly a novel one, born out of a desire to understand what maintains the shape of living things during the process of cell replacement. The work of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, Dr. Leonard J. Ravitz, and others, was devoted to accurately measuring the complex electrodynamic fields of living organisms. They theorized that […]

The Serpent and the Demonic Feminine

“What follows is a brief exploration of the Serpent as a representation of the Demonic Feminine, in particular in Egyptian and Minoan cultures, with mentions of Hebrew and Mesopotamian cultures, and the significance of this relationship on the development of the ‘Ancient Serpent’ in Western Abrahamic mythology. There is much more to be said on […]

Project Hephæstus’ Forge: The Left Hand Path, Wrathful Emotions, and Greater Black Magick by Crossfire

Written by Crossfire of the H☿D and shared with the O.S. “Many people try to avoid or repress the negative emotions like anger, envy, and jealousy, because they can take over your mind and influence you into negative behavior. However, some people get some sort of satisfaction from these emotions, in spite of the negative […]

Liber Draconis: The Acosmic Path of the Serpent by NEMO 93

“My current path and paradigm is very much influenced by Acosmicism in general, but a more “middle-path” syncretic approach has developed due my own beliefs. I also must thank the wonderful variety of views held by my friends and colleagues at the O.S. forum, and Michael Kelly’s Draconian writings. While more nihilistic views such as […]

Black Magic 101 – PDF and Paperback edition

This is the finalized edition of the Order of the Serpent’s “Black Magic 101: History, Definitions, Metaphysics, Science, Ethics, Risks, and Applications”. The free PDF can be downloaded from this page and contains all the same information as the paperback. The paperback exists simply because we in the Order prefer hard-copies of texts, and know […]

Introducing the Ophidic Society of Meskhetyu

The Ophidic Society of Meskhetyu (OSM) is an arm of the Order of the Serpent (O.S.), an Esoteric, Left Hand Path organization dedicated to the accumulation and preservation of the knowledge and undefiled wisdom of the Prince/ss of Darkness. The OSM will specifically be geared towards promoting and maintaining a PDF library of O.S. materials. […]

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