Black Magic 101 – PDF and Paperback edition

This is the finalized edition of the Order of the Serpent’s “Black Magic 101: History, Definitions, Metaphysics, Science, Ethics, Risks, and Applications”. The free PDF can be downloaded from this page and contains all the same information as the paperback. The paperback exists simply because we in the Order prefer hard-copies of texts, and know others do as well. It is entirely optional to order the paperback edition of this book. Due to this we went all out with full color images for the book, which raises the price a bit as the printing costs more to the company which does it. Considering the nature of the work however, it just did not seem right to use low-quality images. We hope you enjoy and benefit from these works, and like the Ancient Serpent, so too may You endure!

“Written by the Left Hand Path organization Order of the Serpent, Black Magic 101 is a basic introduction to the theory and practice of Black Magic. This text briefly covers the history of Black Magic, the definitions of Black and White Magic, as well as Lesser and Greater Magic, the metaphysics and scientific support for Black Magic as described within, the ethics and risks of practicing Black Magic, and includes a practical introduction to conducting Black Magic ritual.”

Black Magic 101 – Order of the Serpent – Paperback:

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